1980: first 15 mins


‘What they know of Sheffield who only Sheffield know?

‘The Sheffield I returned to in 1980 was briefly the most dynamic place on earth and I wrote about it in my fanzine…

‘He was sparky, bright, engaged, unpredictable, funny risqué and everything else you could want. Pulp weren’t as good as Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, New Model Soldier, Artery, I’m So Hollow, Vice Versa, Vendino Pact, De Tian, The Scarborough Antelopes, or even The Naked Pygmy Voles but Jarvis was far and away the best interviewee…

‘By early 1981 the hard-edged abstraction of the early electro scene was falling apart and many from that scene crashed and burned…

‘The indefinable Artery played a memorable concert at The Marples pub one winter night. The lead singer walked out of a second-storey window as the band kept playing. He was waiting for a bus to pass underneath so he could leap on the roof and make a dramatic escape, but none came. He reappeared several minutes later, having somehow worked his way along a narrow snowy ledge to come in at the other side of the building still singing.’


‘I was living in a flat above a shop with a girl who had a bit of a Béatrice Dalle thing going on and was the object of much pining amongst local musicians, including Jarvis. In a bit impress her, he climbed Artery-style out of the window and made his way along the ledge, only to fall twenty feet onto the pavement…’

– Russell Senior, Freak Out the Squares: Life in a Band Called Pulp.



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